About EC Abatement Inc

Mold Removal, Lead Paint Removal & Asbestos Abatement Contractor

Asbestos Removal
Nowadays, you may have heard of firms that provide asbestos removal services. Asbestos are minerals that occur naturally. It used to be plentiful in the construction business in the past. Homes and buildings that are older than ten to fifteen years may still have traces of asbestos as compared to others. Asbestos removal might be expensive in house management, but it is essential.

Mold Removal

The Mold Remediation Pro’s. are here to provide the best solution if you encounter mold problem at your home. We follow strict and safe guidelines to get your home or building back to normal quickly.

Proper identification, containment and remediation are the main aspects when handling any potential mold exposure. Our prompt response is the main key to prevent any more mold growth, especially when there is water damage.