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Hiring an asbestos abatement expert, and not doing by yourself, is the safest decision you can take for removal of asbestos from any residential, commercial, or public building.

There are several services available for the removal of asbestos. Therefore property owners need to know their options for an asbestos contractor. As the building owner, you may choose to hire either a project designer or an abatement contractor.

A project designer can create the abatement that a contractor would follow, or the abatement firm can put together work specifications.

How can we help?

When you contact us, we will accurately test for the toxic mineral, follow strict regulations and methods, and provide the right abatement removal tools. At EC Abatement, we give a complete asbestos management solution, including asbestos elimination, encapsulation, surveys, including refurbishment and demolition, and inspections within a fully controlled quality management system.

Using the new system, we can give a complete asbestos survey, reducing the duration down to three to four days. We then formulate a management strategy for addressing the findings that can be easily shared with the people who enter, manage or work on the building structure and assist you in dealing with any issues highlighted in the report.