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Due to the possible presence of asbestos, the process of Cleanup and rehabilitation activities can pose health risks. Asbestos could be present in various types of building materials, such as: wrapping around pipes, drywall taping, popcorn ceiling materials, and much more. The primary concern should be the safety of you and your family. Do not allow kids to engage in disaster response cleanup. Breathing asbestos fibers released from demolition, renovation, and handling of asbestos is hazardous.

When residences containing asbestos are renovated or torn down, or when the asbestos is disrupted, tiny asbestos fibers may be released into the air. These fibers are so small that they are not visible to naked eyes and thus can be inhaled without one even knowing, underscoring how critical asbestos can be.

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Also, re-entering your house after a natural disaster can be risky too. Here are some tips to make sure it is safe to re-enter the home:

  • Return home only when officials say it is safe.
  •  Do not allow children to play in post-disaster cleanup work.
  • Check for structural safety including, sagging ceilings or floors.
  •  Inspect for loose power lines or gas leaks and make sure the electricity and gas are turned off.
  •  Make sure floors are safe — water and mud make floors slippery.
  •  People with breathing problems or who have weak immune systems should stay away from the damaged residence.

How can we help?

It is recommended that loosely-bound asbestos only be removed by a licensed professional, as health risks associated with managing this type of material are far greater than for firmly-bound asbestos. At EC Abatement, we meet or exceed asbestos removal requirements. We will ensure that asbestos-containing material is removed safely, that the removal procedure provides a clean environment.